About Me

A Filipino-Chinese-American who likes making stuff.

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  • Giving websites makeovers
  • That moment when you close 50 tabs after solving a problem
  • Being pedantic about web standards
  • Kpop, 90’s R&B, Punk Pop, Chiptunes, LoFi
  • Learning random skills like origami or culinary science
  • Hyperspecific niches and aesthetics like Mallsoft & Cottagecore
  • Competition reality TV shows and/or anything with a drag queen in it
  • Closeups of someone using a mandolin during food reality tv shows
  • The year 2020
  • Websites that aren’t responsive
  • Logo images in non vector format
  • White backgrounds in code editors
  • Tiktoks that are white near the bottom
  • Horror movie wikipedia entries that don’t have full plot synopses

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