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All Ages of Geek is a production, entertainment and streaming service that focuses on geek culture content. The company was focused on quickly expanding their offerings and tighten their online presence

My part in the team was lead developer, designer and analyst for their media channels until the end of 2021

Website Redesign

Key Results

The launch of our website was a resounding success. We not only achieved our performance metrics but also surpassed expectations

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The Challenge

Old website:

All Ages of Geek is a media company centered around creating geek culture content for all ages. Initially started as a YouTube channel, they quickly expanded their offerings and needed a website that reflected their series.

Their website was initially built on BlueHost’s web builder but it was quickly outgrowing the amount of pages and content allowed.

Design wise, their navigation and website was straightforward but it wasn’t flexible enough to host the amount of content and interests that they wanted to expand into.

They wanted to create a hub of content that was similar to Netflix and RoosterTeeth that could grow with them as they offered more shows and media

The Process

After my initial consultation, I checked their current analytics from Google Analytics, their YouTube channel and their Patreon to understand the demographic of current users of their website

I wanted to improve upon the amount of content people were consuming so I set engagement KPIs and started creating a logical sitemap for their current content so I could plan the backend

On the technical side, their site was extremely slow. This was due to their hosting having up to 30s of response time an average of 24s for rendering. This was unacceptable especially given how young their demographic was and how expectations for a fast experience is. 

I created a roadmap for server migration to address this and set up WordPress as they were familiar with it. I began development and design on a dev server for their v3 website launch prioritizing their most popular content


Heavily inspired by Netflix and Roosterteeth, I created the theme for All Ages of Geek. My core design goals were to make the website as unobtrusive as possible but add injections of fun by showcasing their media.

There was also a heavy need to have social integration and convert their audience to Patreon members. The first design is heavily focused on promoting their video content as this was their core offering

For our first phase, we migrated our content to new AWS hosting and kept concurrent websites for the DNS rollout.


The entire process took 1 month, culminating in the launch of the new website in November 2019. With the successful launch, we improved on all of our key metrics when compared to the website performance before

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User Increase

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Pageview Increase

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Bounce Rate Decrease

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More New Users

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Page Speed Reduction

For the phase 4 launch in 2021, we created a new design that focused on their new news articles and podcasts


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