Created back in 2010, is a geek culture website for LGBTQIA+ nerds, dorks and everything in between. I created this pet project mainly because I didn't see a lot LGBTQIA+ voices represented in geek culture back then. It was a large endeavor that spanned from website development to content creation and marketing and we were featured in places like Kotaku and Queerty.

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Over its lifetime, served 5.3M Pageviews & 900k users while maintaining a bounce rate of under 20%. We interviewed people from Margaret Cho, to X-Men Editor Daniel Ketchum, to Rupaul’s Drag Race queen Phi Phi O’ Hara to Fallout: New Vegas Producer, Tess Treadwell.

Not bad for a ragtag team of determined ‘mos

First Iteration circa 2010

Logo Evolution circa 2014-2019 circa 2011-2014